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E2 Dubai South Event & Exhibition Center
VR Experience
The VR Experience has been done to help the sales department to enhance the customer experience during the presentations, to give a wow factor about what can be achieved with this kind of space, the only wearable hardware was required to see the virtual scene is a VR Headset without any mobile phones and wires.
We develop four different experiences for different target customers, the first one is the actual venue which explains the general information about the space i-e entrances, exits,s, and dimensions. The second experience is for the exhibitors with a setup of the exhibition with different exhibition stands and branding to have a clear look of how an exhibition will look like in this venue. Corporate is another experience that gives you a brief look and feels about the setup of a conference, meetings, gala dinners or ceremonies with a Stage, Podium, Screens, Round table setup, and branding. For indoor entertainment, we create a scenario of a concert with a huge stage having a musical instrument, laser lights, branding, crowd simulation, barricades, and hanging branding.
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